Chia Seed Valentine Cookie

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February 3, 2017
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April 7, 2017

Chia Seed Valentine Cookie

Hamsters can’t have chocolate, so we have to find a different way of giving them a sweet treat! This is a hamster-friendly version of a “chocolate chip” cookie, with chia seeds pretending to be the chocolate bits! Add on a little “frosting” and you’re sure to have a spoiled hamster!

Serving size is 1-2 cookies
Makes 8 – 12 small cookies
Use within 2 weeks

1 Tbsp flour
½ tsp ground flax seed
¼ tsp whole chia seed
1 – 2 tsp water


  1. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Aim for the consistency of playing dough, adding a little bit extra water if the mix is too dry or more flour if the mix is too wet.
  2. Divide mix into eight to twelve parts and shape each part into a small heart shape (thickness is matter of preference).
  3. Place cookies onto a piece of foil and bake 14-16 minutes, flipping over halfway through baking.
  4. Cool the cookies before decorating.

Strawberry “Frosting”
Mix together 1 tsp plain yogurt and 1 minced (finely cut) strawberry for a tasty cookie frosting.
Frosted cookies should be stored in the fridge.


  • You may be able to use a “baking mix” instead of an all purpose or single-source flour, just watch out for extra sugar or ingredients that are less safe for hamsters to consume.
  • Using ground flax and chia seeds helps hold the cookies together, but some flour mixes will do just fine if you skip the flax or use a different type of seed.
  • The plain yogurt can be regular or greek, but the latter seems to usually contain less sugar, which is especially important with diabetes-prone hamster species.
  • This recipe was created with only hamsters in mind. Please check carefully of what ingredients are okay for other animals before sharing your hamster’s cookies!


Tip: If you need an excuse for using the oven on a small batch of hamster cookies, consider making some cookies just for the humans in the family at the same time.

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