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Completely Silent Wheel DIY

April 7, 2017
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February 14, 2017

Creating the perfect silent wheel out of old household items!

S o recently, a wonderful lady known as Renata posted up in the facebook group Ontario Hamster Club about creating the perfect silent wheel which is usable in bin cages and tanks. Anyone who has owned hamsters will at some point in their life know of the frustrations which sometimes come with obnoxiously loud wheels. Hamsters sure do love to sing us the songs of their people, but it can be a serious headache and distraction for us.

Renata has given us a challenge, a DIY to do at home which will help silence your wheels. Not only that, they’re magnetized so no more concerns about your pet’s beloved source of entertainment and exercise sinking into their bedding. Or you know, those fluffy little jerks purposely burying them, and then getting upset because their wheels don’t work anymore. We can finally cut all of that nonsense out!

Completely Silent Wheel DIY

Renata's creation

"It was a fun project to try on a rainy afternoon."

"Anyone wondering about making a completely silent wheel to use in a plastic bin cage, I would recommend a wodent wheel and old hard drive spindles. It has no base because it attaches to the side of the bin with the hard drive magnets from the outside, almost flush with cage.

You can move it anywhere in the cage, it won't leave marks or holes. It's pretty sturdy but i do use a duct tape on the outside of the cage to keep the magnets from sliding when she's running maximum speed. It was a fun project to try on a rainy afternoon.

This is Hamy our year and a half old syrian hamster :)"

Renata Palffy-Veber

Seriously though, how amazing is this?! I use small computer fans on my DIY Bookcase Hamster Cage for better ventilation, but I’ve never thought to find out what other computer parts could do! I completely understand not everyone will have a old hard drive lying around to take apart. So I took the liberty of going on a small hunt through the internet.

I found you can get second hand hard drives or even just the spindle parts that you need. Someone was selling 25 spindle pieces for $20 USD. Think of all the silent floating wheels you could make! That took me like two minutes to find from a quick search. I didn’t even check other second hand sites like Craigslist, Kijiji or Gumtree. Lots of options out there to get your hands on an old hard drive to get to work on this project.

I hope this helps. If you do give it a go, please send us photos! We’d love to see.

Happy Hamstering!

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