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DIY Hamster Nesting Box

February 3, 2017
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February 3, 2017
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A step-by-step guide to creating an easy nesting box for your hamsters to dig or sleep in!

S o as far as DIY projects go this is an easier one to create. My aim is to get creative with what I have on hand and make fun and safe things for my hamsters. This nesting box could be somewhere for your hamster to sleep or burrow in. The top comes off easily for you to be able to access your pet. The items needed to create this are easily obtainable making it the perfect disposable home. It can also be suitable for mice and gerbils to use!
Get ahold of 2 tissue boxes, a toilet roll tube and a pair of scissors. I also use unscented tissues which will be used as nesting material.
Remove any plastic that’s on the tissue boxes. Cut a small circular hole in the bottom of one box. This will be your top section. You’ll want the hole to be just big enough to fit a toilet roll tube, but small enough so that the tube won’t slip around or come out.
Cut a semi-circle into one end of the tube, then attach the tube to the tissue box which you made the hole in.
Shred unscented tissue or toilet paper to add to your box. You could always throw a treat or two in there as well!
Put the top section with the tube onto the bottom section and you’re done! No glue or anything is required!
This nesting box works especially well if the cage has a deep level of bedding. I normally put 3+ inches into my pets cages so they can climb into the top section without difficulty. If you have a smaller species of hamster or less bedding, maybe add a wooden bendy bridge for them to climb up! Enjoy!

If you do make your own DIY Nesting Box, don't forget to let us know what your hamster thinks of it! Send in some photos to our contact page and we'll add them up to our gallery!
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